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We strive to help every client take maximum advantage of all legal opportunities to save on taxes. This typically requires long term planning.  We prepare individual, corporate, partnership, estate and trust, and non-profit tax returns.  We have specialized expertise advising owner-operator businesses, same sex couples, real estate investors, non-resident returns, US citizens investing and doing business oversees and foreign asset protection trusts.


Tax Organizer

Download a Word file of Tax Organizer

Our custom designed Tax Organizer provides our clients with a comprehensive checklist of items needed to prepare your tax returns so you can better identify questions and organize documents.


Tax Law Updates

Click Here for PDF of Tax Law Update January 8, 2024


The U.S. tax code undergoes frequent and significant changes and as competing political interests and economic philosophies are translated into tax law. Expanded tax credits for residential clean energy systems (like solar panels), energy efficient home improvements (windows, doors, insulation, air conditioning systems, furnaces, biomass boilers and biomass stoves) and electric vehicles primarily made in USA, are the main tax law changes for 2023, which are set to last approximately 10 years unless repealed.  This article updates: Enhanced Energy Credits, Capital Gains Tax, Net Investment Income Tax, Retirement Funding Limits, and TCJA Provisions (including updated phase outs) and provides some tax optimization strategies.  TCJA has major provisions set to expire at the end of 2025 including Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBID), 21% corporate income tax rate, and liberalized depreciation rules.  Download our Tax Law Update to learn all the details and strategies.  

Privacy Policy:  All data collected is used exclusively to provide you professional services and will be safeguarded.  All client matters are strictly confidential per the American Institute of CPAs Code of Professional Conduct and our state licensing boards.


Data Security: We utilize industry leading data protection methods to secure client confidential information.  We encourage clients to use secure data sharing sites like Dropbox and Google Docs to share information with us.  We also use MEO which is free, easy to use encryption software available for both Mac and Windows.  MEO Software can be downloaded free at: MEO Encryption Software.  

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