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Tax & Advisory Services

Tax law is ever changing and becomes increasingly complicated when you mix in several different states. We have extensive expertise preparing complex returns, minimizing audit risk, and helping clients resolve inquiries from the IRS and other taxing entities. Our goal is to help you legally minimize taxes by thinking ahead and structuring transactions in the optimal way. Our advisory services often include clients narrating for us key career, business and life choices and seeking guidance from us on the tax impacts and how our business experience informs decision making.

Outsourced CFO Services

Accounting is all about measurement and choice. Owners and managers need to be able to reliable measure performance, cost, risk and value so they can make intelligent choices. If you want to improve performance, manage risk and achieve mission, you need a robust accounting system that provides decision ready data. We can help you analyze your business and financial data and provide sound business judgment in an advisory capacity.

Risk Management and Compliance Services

Many businesses operate in highly regulated and complex environments. Small and medium sized businesses need the skill set of an internal audit department but can’t afford it. That’s where we come in. We can help you identify and manage risks, building and test internal controls, and architect an independent monitoring program. This is essential for the emerging medical marijuana industry.

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