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Martin & Associates, Ltd. is a Certified Public Accounting firm specializing in tax and advisory services, outsourced CFO services and risk management and compliance services. Andrew Martin founded this firm in 1994 to help people navigate through the complex tax, financial and legal/regulatory framework, which is only exacerbated by conflicting rules between states and state and federal governments. From 1998-2011, we also operated an audit and consulting practice that specialized in federal government agencies and charter schools. Some of our top clients included the Executive Office of the President – White House Travel Office, the Panama Canal Commission, U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the Council of the Inspectors General for Integrity and Efficiency. We sold that practice area due to increasing regulation that added no value to clients. Now, after 29+ years in business, we have refined our business model to be the two partners, Andrew Martin and Dana Barooshian, working one on one with clients delivery value based on our combination of diversity of experience and specialized knowledge.

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Guiding Principles

The bedrock of our business philosophy is building long-term relationships with clients 
who trust us. Trust is not easily earned. We work very hard at earning your trust through:

  • Timely communication

  • Understanding your needs

  • Clear and proactive communication

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