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For your convenience, we offer credit card payment options through our secure portal.
Please click the link below to pay by Credit Card, Apple Pay, or 
Google Pay

We also accept payments through Zelle®.
Please use the Martin & Associates mobile phone number: 702-889-3566 for secure Zelle® payments
through your bank or credit union.

Privacy Policy: In the course of performing professional tax, accounting and advisory services, we collect personal and financial data. We do not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Martin & Associates, Ltd. CPAs follows the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) Code of Professional Conduct, which includes strict standards for client confidentiality and due professional care. Per our Tax Client Agreement and custom engagement letters, all client data provided is treated as confidential. We will never disclosure your data or work product unless required by law and will never sell your information. We also maintain appropriate, prudent data security measures to protect all of communications, data and work product.


Return/Refund Policy: All of the items we sell are professional services, not products. Those services are performed in accordance with the Tax Client Agreement or engagement letter you received, which will present scope of work, contract deliverables and estimated fees.  Our terms of engagement are consistent with the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and related professional standards. We will seek to resolve any disputes with you through discussion. The terms and conditions in our engagements are based on law in the State of Nevada and any dispute resolution would be conducted in Nevada.


Shipping Policy: In most cases, our work product you purchased will be shipped electronically via FTP or email at no cost to you. If we require shipping physical items to you, it will usually be through US Postal Service at no cost. If you request overnight or expedited shipping, we will pass through actual shipping cost or you can provide us with a shipping label.

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